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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of vehicles will Accel buy or place on consignment?
Accel will buy or place on consignment any vehicle of any year that can be driven. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirtbikes, boats, classics, and more. Just ask!

Q: What if I am not comfortable with the amount Accel offered?
Final values will always be made in person, and are often higher than an online offer. Often times, a consignment sale will net the seller a higher value than an outright sale. Please call or email Accel to discuss your vehicle’s value and your selling options in depth.

Q: What is “consignment”?
Placing a vehicle on consignment with Accel is a great way to maximize your profit. Placing a vehicle on consignment means Accel will market and sell your vehicle at no charge to you! We do require the vehicle and its title to be left with us at our location for showings if at all possible. Once your vehicle is sold, you receive the net amount that was agreed upon upfront for your vehicle between you and Accel. Accel keeps anything over that amount they earn for their part in the sale.

Q: Does it cost money to place my vehicle on consignment with Accel?
No, there is no cost to place your vehicle on consignment with Accel. Accel only profits if your vehicle sells. It is highly recommended that you take care of any repairs before entering a consignment agreement to make the sale as quick as possible though.

Q: Will Accel purchase or place on consignment damaged, non-running, or branded title cars?
Yes, in some instances Accel will purchase or place on consignment such vehicles. It is best to call or email Accel to arrange the best solution for your particular vehicle and situation.

Q: What if my vehicle or exact trim level is not listed in the valuation generator?
Accel’s valuation generator is powered by and only includes the most common vehicles. For diesels, classics, and other vehicles often not listed, please call or email Accel for a value.

Q: Will Accel come to me or must I bring the vehicle to Accel’s location?
In many instances Accel is able to schedule a mobile appointment and is able pick up your vehicle. Just call or email to schedule.

Q: Will Accel still buy or place my vehicle on consignment if it is currently financed?
Yes, Accel will purchase your vehicle even if it is currently financed. Once the vehicle is dropped off, we will contact your finance company to find the payoff amount and depending whether you owe more or less than Accel’s agreed value, you will pay the difference to your finance company out of pocket or you will keep the difference, respectively. When placing a vehicle on consignment, it is not necessary to pay off the vehicle first, but it is highly recommended if possible as it does greatly increase the chance of a quick sale.

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